One Down, One to Go…

The Arizona Trail I first heard about the Arizona Trail on my first thru-hike in 2015.  Since then, its  been on my list of trails to do.  Though I never really explored the idea until this year.  As a precursor to my second attempt of the Continental Divide, I decided to spend early spring hiking... Continue Reading →


2017 Update

Boulder Colorado - We were sitting in the room, watching a movie and deciding where to get dinner.  For a moment I was confused at what we were doing, what I was doing.  Why am I not hiking? We had left the trail in Pagosa Springs, rented a car and drove 305 miles to Boulder. ... Continue Reading →

High(er) Country 475-580

At 7,000ft in May, snow is falling here in Cuba New Mexico. It has been amazing hike from Grants. Summiting the 10,000ft Mt. Taylor and then dropping down to a mesa which gave way to expansive views ahead, crossing the iconic New Mexican landscape. Desert sunsets bend light around mesas and stranded buttes. Sculptures of... Continue Reading →

On the move. 0-475

         I am well into the CDT now. After a 400 mile warm up on the PCT and playing around in Arizona for a bit, immersing myself in the trail again has come easy. The route has been the most remote experience I've had and I have seen some of the most amazing... Continue Reading →


It's finally here, 2017, another thru-hiking year for me and no planned future beyond that. A good friend and I lept, rather rushed at the chance to bring in the new year with some adventure.  We sped off to Oregon in search of hot springs and snowy wonderlands.  We camped in a vacant campground and... Continue Reading →

PCT Fundraiser

Thanks to Yama Mountain Gear for accepting me to be part of the 2017 PCT hiker mentor program.  Just like it sounds some past thru-hikers and I were accepted to mentor some soon to be first time PCT Thru-hikers!  This is not only a really constructive way to make sure these hikers are getting on the... Continue Reading →

Time to Start Again

It will be another long winter of anticipation and excitement as I await my next big trail.  After heading back to the PCT in the spring, reconfirming that my true desires lie within walking and walking I shall do.   It is the Continental Divide Trail that will be the backdrop to this journey.  The... Continue Reading →

Timberline weekend

I couldn't stay away for too long. I've since gone back to work after hiking the SoCal section of the PCT this year. I am heading to the Northern Cascades in a week, but last weekend I got to get out and do a quick 40 mile loop around Mt. Hood on the Timberline Trail.... Continue Reading →

Long Over Due Update 162-454

I have been off of the trail for a while now. Sorry to disappoint some of you, but this was the plan the whole time, with an option of thru-hiking again.  So I departed the trail this year at Agua Dulce to get home and spend some time hiking other places and get prepared for... Continue Reading →

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