Mile 77

 Good morning family and friends. This is day 5 on the PCT and I am sitting here in Julian, 77 miles up the trail, my first food resupply. I wish I had a better way to describe these past few days but they have been indescribable. The desert has been brutal but there is no lack of beauty down here. The desert flowers and cactuses have greeted every step with a vibrant display of pinks, purples, yellows and orange. The surrounding vegetation and terrain change so abruptly and often that keeps my eyes and mind sharp. The sun has been intense but the trail temperature is that of a frying pan.  I have a few blisters, not from poor shoe size but more the heat transferring up into my shoes.  I’ve been putting more miles in than I wanted but with some trail camping restrictions and water rarity, it has been mandatory. But so far my legs have been holding up really well.

I’ve been cowboy camping every night (sleeping with no tent.) The moonlight lights up the night making use of a headlamp redundant. After the moon sets in the early hours of the morning, the stars and Milky Way show their brilliant sparkle from horizon to horizon.

I’ve been hiking with another thru hiker for four days now. It helps to have another hiker to plan out the water strategy and we seem to get along well, though our age and backgrounds are wildly different. This trail will do that, creating bonds between two people that would probably never talk to each other in our normal lives.

Amazing how many great memories have already been created in just five days.  We just left from an amazing gentlemens house (thank you Sakilyo) and his mother, who provided us with a shower, fresh orange juice, raspberry rhubarb, figs, and a wash of our filthy hiking clothes. Way more than we were asking for. This is not the first act of genuine kindness and hospitality we’ve had on the trail but it seems there is a trend of increasing generosity and kindship as we trek along.

Time to go for now. Many many thanks to everyone so far and looking forward to more stories and trail miles.


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  1. Uncle beardy!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting, as I’m sure everyone has your first contact…thinking of you night after night, sleeping alone under the vast quietness of the desert. Love you brother…wishing you happy trails always.


    1. YEAH!! I am in Warner Springs now. Mile 109! Its been unbelievable with the desert flowers and cactus blooms. Loving it so far.


  2. Wow! Thanks for this update. So 5 days out, are you seeing lots of other hikers or have things thinned out since day 1? I’m looking forward to seeing more updates (until April 21rst when I start :)).


    1. I have not seen many other hikers. I have been hiking with a one other hiker for a few days and leap frogging a few others. It has been amazing, most of the time we are the only ones we can see for miles and we camp alone always. Come April the herds will be consistent according to the locals.


  3. Yay!!! Have an amazing adventure!!! Let us know if you need anything?? We miss you!!! but are so excited to follow your journey!!!! Be safe!! 🙂


  4. Yay! So glad to hear from you. Your little fam from Seattle has been thinking about you 🙂 thanks for taking the time to update us all. I can’t wait to hear more!!


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