Milestones and Breakfast – Mile 179



The hike into Idyllwild was a mix of ups and downs. In the morning the trail winds through another boulder field which Has become my favorite place to hike. Then a long rocky downhill section which demanded eyes to be glued to he trail. Not much to look at and very hot. After taking a break at a spring/water tank, another 3 miles was in order to make a 21 mile day. Finally after a good night sleep in a cold dry creek bed with a new hiking companion for the evening, we all climbed out of the valley around 5 under a lunar eclipse.  Jeff and I made to breakfast at the Paradise Valley Cafe. I ordered a 3 egg omelet, hash browns, a side of biscuits and gravy and a cinnamon roll all washed down with three cups of coffee (for good digestion,) gaining back what I think might be around 3000calories.    

Due the detour entering the Dan Jacinto Mountains and wanting to avoid a deadly road walk we hitched to Idylwild with a really nice guy named David.  Who took all of his belongings and his girlfriend out of the car, left them at the cafe and took us the 14 or so miles to Idyllwild. He dropped us off and let us with some steaks and instant coffee. What more do you need? 

  I am taking a zero day in Idyllwild. No injuries, but good to slow down and check out a very cool town. I met up with a few other hikers and got some pizza. Tomorrow I just need groceries and to fix a possibly air leak in my sleeping pad. Snow is coming over the mountains on Monday and Tuesday, I’ll have to get moving Monday morning early. Frustrated I have to skip a few miles of the trail back near the cafe but it’s just too complicated and it would take me back to Idyllwild and the snow could be ice in the coming days. 


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    1. Yeah. It’s a complicated mess. Dont road walk it is very dangerous and not worth it. Either hitch into Idyllwild from paradise cafe or take a Devils slide into down and then deer creek back to the PCT. Good luck on your adventure!!

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  1. It was great to talk to you Sunday! I had missed your previous call. You sounded great. So glad you are really enjoying the adventure. As you pass through those areas, Julian and Idlylewild, it floods my memory of when I had been to those places. In Julian I spent a snowy wet cold weekend competing in a mountain survival girl scout event. Imagine that. Idylewild, hiking and near by some rock climbing. Awesomeness!!! Keep on truckin’, as we used to say.


  2. I love you bro!! I love to check in on Insta and here to see your stuff. Safe travels and well wishes. Glad you are thoroughly enjoying this experience and meeting amazing people.


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