Finally a zero. Mile 210. 

Unfortunately my zero in Idyllwild did not pan out. Weather was supposed to roll in and Mt. San Jacinto was expecting rain and snow which could turn to ice. So I planned to resupply and boogy on over the mountian. To my poor planning. Idyllwild was shut down for Easter. So I bummed as much food as I could and hit the trail. 

An amazing change of scenery heading up over Fuller Ridge somewhere around 9,000ft. The face was littered with Pondarosa pine and  great granite rock.  Hitting the first snow on the trail, much more than I was expecting. 


The views were the best of the trip and San Jacinto did not disappoint. The mountain also made you earn it.  



After a cold night and a long hike back down to 1200ft I am excited to say I am at the infamous  Ziggy and the Bear trail angel zero day heaven. A few other hikers are here and it’s nice to have no agenda for tomorrow. It still should rain but I’m due for a zero. For now it’s hiker commradery. 




4 thoughts on “Finally a zero. Mile 210. 

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  1. It is lovely to see your updates and photos and to know you’re doing well! I will send you an email soon in the coming days, but I wanted to just say a quick hello!


  2. Great pictures and love reading your posts so far. Glad to hear you’re having such a great time and looking forward to seeing/reading more!


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