Back into the woods

Hiking out of Cabzon and into the mission creek area I had fresh water for quite a few miles which was nice to not have to carry so much. I had a big day getting to mile 232 at mission creek. I camped alone for the first time of the trip. I enjoy the hiker company when it’s there but I equally enjoy the serenity of camping and hiking alone.  

I had an ambitious second day out of Cabazon with a goal of 24 miles to leave an easy 10 miles to Big Bear. It was dofficult to get going with the cold morning and the first 8 miles climbing up steep switch backs. But I made is and getting into the high elevations with huge trees gave me a boost of energy.  


 I made it to camp and got set up around 5:00. It was really nice to be camping in the woods again. Around 6:00 two section hikers came through and reawakened the evening with their company, wine and a fire. It was a really nice end to a great day.  

My 10 mile hike this morning to highway 18 gave first sight of Joshua Trees and a glimpse of the Mojave Desert. 

I am staying at a hostel tonight in Big Bear. Time to eat and resupply. More trail time tomorrow.  


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  1. I am enjoying your posts. Hope you continue to enjoy the journey. I have hiked a lot of the PCT up here in Washington. I’m envious of the opportunity you have to thru hike the whole thing.


    1. Thank you David. It’s dry down here. It will be nice to be further up northwest and see water regularly. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to do it all in one go though. It’s been amazing and only 2 weeks in.


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