Quick update. 

I pushed on to Wrightwood in one day pulling off 27 miles with over 8,500ft elevation gain, all to catch up to some friends and get some packages and kick back a bit. Today was successful and I did catch up to Kenetic, Tortuous, and Bushwacker. It’s good to see them and tomorrow I should be getting some things in the mail. If not, I’m still happy to be here and it was an amazing hike. 

Now to start off, “Just Bruce” I have to thank you for this  

What an amazing surprise this was. I really did almost take the pad, but I decided to stick it out till Wrightwood.  It was only part way through the trail that I saw in a register that my friends were just ahead and had to be there. So I decided to give it a go and here I am. I knew it was going to be a good day after you left that pad. Cheers to you my friend!  

Valley between Mt. Baldy and Baden Powell.  


3 thoughts on “Quick update. 

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  1. Keep on truckin’ …. but enjoy the trail. Sounds like you’re glad to catch up with a few other hikers as you go through some tough dry terrain together. I love the comradery that you have with other hikers. It sounds like sometimes it feels like you’re the last man on earth as you trek across the barren landscapes of southern Cal. Love you so much.


  2. A good pad is almost as important as a good pair of shoes, and I’ve been without both so it only made sense to give you one of the four I now have. Good to hear you made it up to Wrightwood.. Great to be hiking there, have a Great Journey…
    “Just Bruce”


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