Mile 454

Its been a few miles since Baden Powell and more than a few friends have been caught and new ones made.  

We’ve created a small herd and the last few days have gone by pretty smoothly. Large sections of the trail have been closed and others covered in poodle dog bush. A nasty poisonous plant with effects like poison oak on steroids.  

 Easy enough to identify but not worth hiking on the trail. Long road walking caused new muscles to ache and feet to cry for dirt.  

 But dispite the burned landscape and tough road miles, we did find a pretty unique camp spot on an abandoned helicopter landing pad. New plants are also rising and new barron land like we haven’t seen yet.  





In Acton KOA camp at mile 444, with good company and the crowds behind us, we are all taking it easy and hitting our groove. We’ve become hiker trash and are settling nicely into our new lives.  

 After a short cool morning hike with the marine layer blocking the sun, I arrived in Agua Dulcé. A perfect town to walk through with a great market for resupplying and good food for gaining back lost calories on the trail.  


The Vasquez rocks were really neat, unfortunately the clouds made it difficult to capture a good picture but still an excellent beginning to the day and the trail was equally excellent after yesterday’s long decent.  

Next stop is Tehachapi, passing through Mojave, Lake Isabella and then the Sierras. 




3 thoughts on “Mile 454

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  1. I love to hear all about this and see the pictures! I’m glad you and your fellow hikers have formed a ‘tribe’…. herd…..well…I guess of pack animals…LOL.


  2. It’s definitely nice. We have found out that we are really the lead pack. I was thinking of going the kick off but the weather has cooled at an ideal time to go through the Mojave so we are all continuing on.


  3. Absolutely keep on truckin’. Stay in the lead and enjoy the uncrowded trail, camping spots, fresher water, and milder weather for sure. That way you’ll have more off days in the awesome areas you come up on.


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