283ft Under the Sea 

After not walking for some days, it was time to do something else other than stand around and eat. Actually Bishop was a great stop. Witha lot of fellow hikers in town we went bowling, saw a movie and went to dinner together. Another hiker and I decided to head to Death Valley to make this trip a little more interesting.  We can now say we have been to the highest point in the lower 48 states and the lowest point in the same trip. Badwater lies 283 feet below sea level, as we walked on the salt flats, the heat beat down on us as we looked across the alien landscape.  


We continued through Artists Palette, Golden Canyon and the amazing Ubehebe Crater to check out more abstract scenery.  

This side trip was definitely worth it and finally it was time to head back to town. We planned on camping in Navada somewhere to offset the cost of the rental car and not staying in town another night. Driving on back on highway 95 was another highlight of the trip. The beautiful flats and jetting mountains of Southwest Navada surrounded the highway. No power lines, signs, structures or lights, satisfied the urge to be back in the wilderness. Storms brewed dark overhead and we even saw a funnel cloud. So we drove through the night and ended up in a park for the night. Not ideal but good enough for a couple of hikers. 
Back on the trail today as we finish up a few last minute errands. After 5 days off the trail, 6 days of food on our backs and the 11,000ft Kearsarge Pass in our way. These next few days are going to be rough, but I’m still excited to be back on trail. Hopefully the weather cooperates. 




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  1. Glad to hear you went over there. At first I thought you hiked and then the rental car came in sight. I remember taking the kids down into the crater. I had a one year old on my back in a child carrier backpack. It was a lot of fun. We always went camping in Death Valley over Thanks Giving. The journey is yours but thanks for sharing…………..


  2. There’s one more band expected to hit Thursday/Friday. If you gun it and are over Pinchot by Thursday am, here’s what’s expected @ Marjorie:


    However, if you pull up @ Charlotte today, you can hit Glen tomorrow and then assess @ Rae on Wed.

    If you find you need to drop elevation, your best option for getting lower is the Rae lakes loop which follows Woods creek down to Paradise valley @ the PCT bridge. You can see how much difference 2k makes:


    Once this band clears, it looks like we might finally get some of that ‘range of light’ stuff. You’ll be stoked to be out there with no one around and wide open skies.


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