Heart Sick – 1090

A few miles past Sanora Pass, I am sitting and lookin at the end of the High Sierras and I feel heart sick. I feel as though I am watching the love of my life walking away. I feel like I didn’t get to really know her yet she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never had to work so hard in my life and I experienced some of the most overwhelming emotions and moments I have ever had. I know there is a lot of amazing trail left but the Sierras will forever be in my heart.  For now I am heart sick and I am missing my home. My home in the Sierras. 

The clouds have settled in and rain has been falling off and on over the past few days. The landscape has been impressive with the beautiful lush forests of hemlock, lodgepole, foxtail and juniper trees. The volcanic rock formations are beyond description. They are very unique and make this section feel like a different planet. Being out of the Sierras, new ecosystems and wildlife keep the wet days interesting like the nighthawk that dives so fast their wings howl as they pull up out of their plung. Or trees with bright orange bark and cones from the volcanic soil.  

        I am making miles quickly as the trail is still challenging but not as challenging as the Sierras. I managed to stay fairly dry over these few days and I made quick work getting into South Lake Tahoe. But my shoes have taken a beating from the past few weeks of soaked trail. I may need a new pair before they reach 300 miles unlike my first pair that went 900.  The weather finally has broken and near perfect hiking temperatures has given a boost of endurance.  


I am in South Lake Tahoe now and preparing for the next leg and possible storms that may come through. I have been in aw of this section so far and it is not what I expected. I can’t wait to get back on trail.   


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  1. Thanks for the great pictures, Anthony. You are a day behind my son Ted who took a zero day at South Lake Tahoe on Wednesday the 11th and headed back out on the 12th. From talking to Ted, I know how difficult the past couple of weeks have been. Here’s hoping for lots of good weather ahead. I’ll be looking forward to following your blog.


    1. Thank you! I think I met Ted before Sanora Pass. Looks like great weather ahead with plenty of lakes to swim in. Here is hoping that the bugs don’t cause havoc.


  2. Thank you for sharing your heart, my heart will forever be in the Sierras as well. I hope you take it slow and enjoy the JMT next summer. The west side is just as awesome. Love Mom :-).


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