Truckee Thursdays – 1153

Heading into Echo Lake from Carson Pass I wind through grassy meadows and decend into the trees which eventually open into a view of Lake Tahoe for the night.  

      The weather is certainly better as I continue along through the Desolation Wilderness. Well, I wish it was desolate to say the least. The trail has become crowded and campsites are rare and I am forced to find a place to sleep on rocky scree on hillsides.  To be expected in this area and especially over a weekend. This part of the trail is very accessible and well known to the locals and I don’t blame them for coming out, it’s a magical place.  The mosquitos are also in full force and make most tasks a new challenge. But it is still a beautiful place and who can complain when you get to take a dip in these gorgeous mountain lakes.   

 There is a new lush feeling to the trail as the healthy undergrowth lines the trail offering a brilliant display of wildflowers and vibrant green leaves and ferns.  

 From Barker Pass to Donner Pass the trail skirts ski slopes and ridgelines covered in a plethora of wildflower bouquets. As I sit watching the subnset over Squaw Valley I can’t think of a place I’d rather be then on the PCT. 


Only a short few days and I am at Donner Pass where I will be taking a few days off of the trail to rest and re-gear for the rest of the trip to Portland.  I am excited to spend a little time off trail and looking forward to more warm nights ahead. Almost halfway now and dreaming of Oregon. I’m ready to see my family and spend some time sharing the trail with friends. Still a long ways away but it keeps me going. 


9 thoughts on “Truckee Thursdays – 1153

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  1. Good to hear from you last night. Can you believe you’ve almost been on the trail for 3 months already? Crazy! Let me know if you need anything or want any special goodies. I’ll send them ahead for you.
    Love, Mom


      1. are you spending any time at Crater Lake? Also–I can’t wait until I get to enjoy an ice cold beer with you!


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