Feeling detached – Mile 1265

Spending time in these big towns, I feel detached from the trail. In turn I feel detached from what I really enjoy, being on the trail. But once back on, it’s easy to be fully emerged in it again with the natural world closing in tightly around me.   

 The hellacious Mosquitos are buzzing as I lay in my net tent, with a perfect view of the sun setting and the waxing moon above me. I am coming up on the half-way point and I couldn’t be more at ease. Miles are becoming easier to gather but still not without some sweat as the summer sun bakes the trail.  Wild flowers are abundant and bold, water is slowly trickling away.  The views are of thick forests and far away lakes. 


   A few days out of Truckee after spending some time off trail with some amazing people I met through a fellow hiker, I met some more amazing people going into Sierra City. After spending some time off trail I wanted to get in and out of Sierra City, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with a few cool people whom happen to work at one of my favorite breweries.  World class beer was enjoyed and food was consumed, then they offered a ride to a close by fire lookout which gave site to the landscape ahead.  

 Then it was off to a brewery tucked back in the woods of Graeagle. An amazing place with great beer to follow. This is The Brewing Lair. I highly recommend a trip to check it out. The head brewer and owner is not only a craftsman of beer but of metal and wood to boot. He built the entire place himself and the quality shows, not only in the building but the beer too. I plan to come back and visit soon. Unforgettable moments spent with these trail angels. After a good night sleep and a hot shower and a little breakfast I was back on the trail.  

        Even after this much time on the trail, I still move with excitement of what is over the next hill or around the next corner. It’s not the trail that keeps me going or the idea of finishing and going home. It’s the fact that there is so much to see in the world and so many great people to meet and places to be that keep me going. I can tell you already this journey does not end in Canada. This journey shapes you in a way that will make you the person you want to be and it will take you to places you never knew existed.  I can’t wait to see what is beyond Canada. But for now, here in this moment in the woods, hiking, laughing, breathing and listening, I am here and loving this life.   

  A big climb to a beautiful view of more Northern California forest and then the trail decends down to an oasis and much needed swimming hole. The forest is becoming more dense with undergrowth as the greenness cleanses tired hikers.  

      After spending a healthy amount of time in the swimming hole the trail climbs over 3000ft to yet another rediculous view from lookout point. An epic camp spot which had to be taken provided nearly a 270 degree view with a sunset and sunrise like anything I’ve seen yet. 



In the morning, an 8 mile hike to the highway to Quincy passed through ferns and new wild flowers. The Tiger Lilly was in full bloom. Off to Quincy for another resupply and then Chester which is about the halfway mark.  



9 thoughts on “Feeling detached – Mile 1265

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  1. I first saw your name looking at your gear list for last year and this year. Even then I could see you had your act together. I have loved reading your posts and viewing your pix. You seem to have a healthy, respectful and balanced mindset of your trip. I’m hoping to do it next year. Time is of the essence says my son, I will be 61 in Sept. I live in WA, and have been hiking in the Cascades for years. My chance is coming up soon for the PCT, albeit a little late 🙂 Blessings Nomad


    1. Thank you for reading. It’s never too late! There are some impressive older gentlemen on the trail that are cruising along more than I can. I’ll try and do a gear update soon. Not much has changed.


    1. Yes just the iPhone. I am really surprised too what this device can do but I am more surprised everyday at how beautiful this trail is and then land it passes through. Thanks for reading. More good stuff coming!


      1. Amazing! Your blog has given me a lot of confidence about going out into nature without my heavy camera gear. Looking forward to more posts!


  2. Anthony, I am so enjoying your blog and your pictures. My son Ted recalls meeting you a ways back on the Trail. You seem to be living each day on the Trail in celebration of Psalm 118:24. God bless you and keep sharing.


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