Beating the Heat – Mile 1328

I’ve reached the PCT Midpoint and it is uncomfortably hot and the trail is sticking to my skin. The next stretch will be challenging to say the least but it will be a nice change of scenery. With temperatures in the triple digits, I am hoping for some afternoon thunder storms.  

  The plan is to hike in the late evening and continue through the night to beat the heat. The Hat Creek Rim will no doubt be a beautiful stretch but it will have to be seen at night.  From Quincy to Chester, though the heat is draining, the wildlife have been keeping nervs alert and ready. One camp was in the midst of a deer highway and most of the night was spent watching them pass through camp. Seeing a few rattle snakes here and there and a beautiful cinnamon black bear.  

A storm earlier in the year caused a lot of blown down trees which have been adding to the difficulty of hiking the trail.  Sometimes blocking the entire trail and the only way is to crawl under on your hands and knees.  

Luckily there has been a fair amount of trail magic that has been well timed to lift spirits and keep the legs moving to reach town for a good shower and food as I wait out the heat. 
  And thanks to some family in Chester for a shower, a good meal, a few rounds of baggo and a good nights rest in their beautiful home, I am ready to head back to the trail. 


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