This is Oregon – 1906

Saied valley was no easy task. But hiking it early in the morning was a good strategy. From the top now the trail goes through unique terrain and expansive views, some of which were of Oregon.  So close you feel like you could touch it. But the trail continues east a ways before finally crossing over. This section is California’s final test. A bit of exposed trail and continues elevation changes. But you can feel the slow transition of the Cascades. Soft trail and cool forests.

I thought it would just be another day on the trail, as I crossed over into Oregon. But a feeling of accomlishmeng and pure joy rushed through as my mind went over everything I’ve been through so far in California. It took 114 days to reach this point and every one was unforgettable. A celebratory beverage was worth the weight packing it in (and out.)

 Almost immediately the scenery changes into big open grass meadows and dense forests.  Though still much of the same terrain it is transitioning slowly and soon it feels like the Pacific Northwest. I stopped in Ashland to resupply and raced around trying to get a few boxes of food sent out to Oregon.

  The trail from here felt dry and abandoned. But soon enough it was a lush pine and fir forest with hanging moss and the soft pine trail that makes miles float by as the green tunnel heads due North.

Lava flows and Mt. Mcglophlin made for a Jurassic scene and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It is colder at night in Oregon which is more comfortable than the hot nights in Northern California.  The dense woods lead me into Mazama Village just before Crater Lake. Some hiker parents/trail angels put on a feast at the campground which allowed new and old hikers to meet up and swap stories.

 Leaving the village and climbing up the alternate to Crater Lake my breath was taken away as the rich blue water came into view. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. Still in disbelief of the beauty of Crater Lake.

 The trail continues around the rim and continues north to Mt. Thielsen. Another peak amidst the slow rolling hills in Oregon.

  I crossed the Oregon/Washington high point and eased into Willamete Pass to meet up with a good friend who will be hiking with me for the next fiew days.

 I feel like I just arrived in Oregon and I’m nearly halfway through this gorgeous state.  But I am excited to see old friends and family after 4 months on the trail. It’s good to be home.


5 thoughts on “This is Oregon – 1906

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  1. Please be sure to say hey to my sons the Sobobros, Big Tex and Salt Lick. They crossed into OR a couple of days ago and are close!


    1. You have three sons on the trail!! Awesome. I’m almost done now with Oregon. They might catch up though. Thanks for reading!


  2. I have followed your blog with interest, but it is especially cool, now that you are onto parts of the PCT with which I am familiar. Great photos, too.


  3. What a gorgeous photo of Crater Lake! I grew up in Klamath Falls, so I’ve been there numerous times. Ahhh, the beauty of Oregon! Happy Trails!


  4. Actually, just two sons, together they are the SoboBros. Individually, Big Tex and Salt lick! I’m sure you crossed paths. They should be at Crater Lake tomorrow! The we’re near the 3 Sisters a few days ago. Be safe.


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