It’s good to be home – mile 2390

After taking a longer than expected break from the trail, due to the re-strategizing around the fires in Washington, I am back on the trail. It was harder than I thought to get back into the groove of hiking. I seem to have shocked my system and the results were lack of motivation and energy.  I even ended one evening with a fever. But soon enough it was life as usual.


Smoke wisped through the air from the nearby Mt. Adams fire as I trekked through the beautiful landscape.

 Then I woke to another world. The smell of wood burning fire filled my tent and gave a new uneasy feeling to the trail.

 The trees were interlaced with haze and ash. The wind had shifted overnight and I was seemingly too close to the blaze. I kept moving to get farther away from the fire and the views were eerily spectacular.

With my new world of fire I continued through the Goat Rocks Wilderness, a major highlight of the PCT. Unfortunately they too were choked by the smoke.
 The trail was dry and hot that day and with not much scenery to be missed I kept moving and arrived at White Pass the following day. Hikers began to accumulate as talk of total trail and bypass closures up north. Though all were still in good spirits. We just have to keep going and see what happens.  And then the smoke cleared just enough to give us a little motivation.

With Mt. Rainier majestically sitting in the middle of me and the fire, North I went but not without making note to come back to the Goat Rocks and see it on a smokeless day.

 Stunning lakes and trail complimented the grandeur of Mount Rainier. And then as quick as it came it was gone. The next section of trail would eventually end at Snoqualmie Pass. The grand view’s dried up with the trail as the northern cascades began to rise in the distance.

   The massive elevation changes going into Snoqualmie Pass indicated that I was nearly in the northern cascades. The weather also began to change and started to look more like traditional Pacific Northwest weather. Light rain began to fall my last morning into Snoqualmie. I am getting off the trail again to visit with some friends in Seattle and then off to a wedding. Weather forecast shows heavy rain this weekend that could potentially reopen the gates to Canada.


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  1. Good to hear from you! Glad you got off the trail when you did. The wind that came with the recent weather change was deadly. My first thought was that you were safe. Safe from the winds and the fires. Here’s hoping things improve enough for you to eke through!!!


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