Im not done with this journey yet!

I’ve been off the trail for a little while now. Attending a wedding and easing back into life as I once knew it.  I am eager to return to the trail, especially at this time of the year. The Pacific Crest Trail has reopened up north and there is now a chance to finish the trail the way I had hoped to finish it.  The weather has changed with lower temperatures, more precipitation and some snow, that I had experienced about a week ago with a friend, trying to go back through the Goat Rocks Wilderness.

As of late, I have been fishing and golfing with my dad and a few friends. Some activities that I questionably like as much as hiking. My Journey is not yet over and I plan to head back to the trail around the 19th and I expect to be at the end sometime in early October. Most of those that I know and met on the trail have finished, few that have not. To say the least I am ecstatic and jealous that they have finished, but I am also sad to realize our trail lives are coming to an end.  Though some I know I will keep in contact with, others I expect to see again some day soon. For now I still have a beautiful 260 more mils to go.  With no immediate future obligations, I hope to really enjoy the last leg of this amazing trail and hopefully capture more unforgettable sights and stories. I want to thank everyone that is following and I hope you are as excited as I am about the end of this trail.




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  1. That fishing looks very tempting to me. Haven’t even come near a salmon since leaving lake Michigan six plus years ago. Enjoy the remaining portion of your journey!


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