Untamed Wilderness brings it all back. – All 2,650

“The North Cascades is an area I hiked and explored as a boy. Each time I return, I gain a new appreciation of its natural beauty and its power to impress the spirit. The towering peaks and glaciers and the alpine scenery of the North Cascades are unmatched in the United States.” – Henry M. Jackson

 I have been tested once again on the trail with challanging terrain and inclamate weather. In the morning I awake to a frozen tent and wet shoes.

The trail is more rugged and primitive than most of the trail. The Northern Cascades are truly unique and it is easy to see why this has is a major highlight of the trail. Stehekin is the last stop for me on the trail and it is my favorite stop yet.


 It is truly isolated out here and the peaks are your only distractions. The pristine land and perfect silence that consumes me at this point, bringing everything about this hike back in a rush of emotions and memories.

   Remembering the starting point in Southern California and the strides it took to get to the first resupply town. The heat and alien terrain of desert to the excitement of the Sierras, quickly back to the high desert and then the feeling of seasons changing and the untamed, cold Northern Cascades. These places can and will change you if you spend enough time in them.

 I felt so rewarded with the Larch trees all turning their warm fall colors. I found myself lost once again in the beauty and grandeur of the Pacific Crest Trail and the places it travels through.



Towards the end, I felt as most probably do. I felt disappointed that I was leaving the trail. Excited it was coming to an end but sullen that it was actually here. The last night on the trail wouldn’t be fitting without one last dusting of snow. A beautiful end to the trail in my opinion.

 There is so much of the trail that I cannot capture in pictures or words. I want to thank everyone for following my journey on the trail. It has not only been the most rewarding experience of my life but also extremely fun to share with all of you that are reading. I could go on and on but I think it’s better to end it here.

It’s October 3rd, 2015 and I have arrived at Monument 78. The Northern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. I started walking 186 days ago on March 27th in Campo, California. I walked all 2,650 miles without skipping or flip-flopping. I spent time off the trail but preferred to be on it. I met countless amazing people on and off the trail, some who will no doubt be life long friends. I’m proud of my journey but also honored to be a part of this great trail. Thru hiking this trail is an enriching, envigerating and humbling experience. One I wouldn’t trade for anything.

 I can’t wait to begin my next adventure and I hope all of you will join me again. Whether it is the Continental Divide Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail, I will be enjoying every step and sharing my thoughts and pictures with all of you. So many people have made this experience possible for me and I appreciate all of the support. If any readers are thinking about hiking the trail or any other long trail I hope I have helped inspire and encourage you to go for it. Any questions that I may answer to further help those wanting to hike or even backpack on or off the PCT, I’d love to help.

Now this is how I really feel about finishing.



5 thoughts on “Untamed Wilderness brings it all back. – All 2,650

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  1. Thanks for letting me follow along. I greatly appreciated you sharing your beautiful pictures and a little taste of some of the highs and lows of the trail. Good luck as you take your experiences on the rest of your journey.


  2. Congratulations Tony! I loved following your journey and looked forward to each post! You’re a great writer and i lots of your blogs i could feel your emotion! So great! Congrats again! Onto the next journey life brings!!!


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