Time to Start Again

casc2-1-of-1It will be another long winter of anticipation and excitement as I await my next big trail.  After heading back to the PCT in the spring, reconfirming that my true desires lie within walking and walking I shall do.   It is the Continental Divide Trail that will be the backdrop to this journey.  The CDT should not be taken lightly, so I’ve read. This is no normal “Trail,” starting in New Mexico at a deserted place called “Crazy Cook.” But to call in deserted implicates that it was once inhabited, which is has not.  The monument stands alone among the table top landscape above the creosote and native skin puncturing flora.  In fact there are two different places to start and three places to finish, with a undefined path between,  this is truly a route not a trail. Some describe it as an idea instead of a trail.

So come spring 2017 I will begin walking on this idea and from the monument lies no defined path, a flat rugged landscape with rock cairns pointing the way, if I choose to follow them. This “idea” begs for exploration, reaching the mountains and hidden places of New Mexico finally entering Colorado’s remote mountain ranges.  Climbing over 14,000 ft peaks will not be hard to come by as I scramble through the San Juans and the Wind River Range, just to name a few. Then there is Wyoming which is home to the Great Basin, over 150 miles of vast, flat, grassy land for as far as the eye can gaze. Filtering its way to Yellowstone National Park. Home to the Continental United States largest land predator, ursus horribilis, commonly known as the Grizzly Bear.  At this point, there is a little more defined trail than the rest, as it hop scotches the Idaho/Montana boarder setting up for the grand finally.  Glacier National Park, also home to the ursus horribilis. Just like the PCT the trail continues a little bit into Canada, this time along Waterton Lake.

To say I am excited, is an understatement.  I’ve been rigorously performing my planning routine and gear fixation.  This round my pack base weight will be a meager 6.6lbs.  You can expect a video or description of what I am bringing.  I have also been sewing and I’ve made my own pack for this.  I have an entirely new prospective for traveling light, and it is becoming a game I like to play to see how minimal I can be without suffering on the trail.  I am out there to walk and going lighter will allow me to do that without much resistance. But also due to the nature of this trail and some of the scrambling it requires, being lighter footed and in more control will keep me safer as well.  Opening up opportunities that may not otherwise be possible with a larger pack will make this trip like no other.

So stay tuned my friends.  2,800+ miles to go.


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