1. It’s finally here, 2017, another thru-hiking year for me and no planned future beyond that. A good friend and I lept, rather rushed at the chance to bring in the new year with some adventure.  We sped off to Oregon in search of hot springs and snowy wonderlands.  We camped in a vacant campground and hit up Cougar Hotsprings first thing in the morning.  After a good soak, we got out of there before the crowds and made our way up to Willamette Pass. We strapped on our snow shoes and headed up late in the evening to reach a secluded shelter to bring in the New Year. We were not alone in our adventurous new year. 36 other like minded friends and 8 extremely well behaved dogs crammed into the shelter. With a stoaked fire roaring we all struggled to stay awake until our solar LED lamp began to drop from the rafters, signaling the end to another great year.  Not soon after, the snoring and jostling filled the shelter as we all slept shoulder to shoulder, head to toe and packs, gear and cooking equipment filled in the minute voids.  The new year brought new snow. 12 inches over night and still accumulating. With the snow coming down, it made for a perfect hike out. This year has a lot in store for me. I am beyond ready and excited for what the CDT is going to bring, challenges and all.  Thank you all for following and Happy New Year!  

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