On the move. 0-475

         I am well into the CDT now. After a 400 mile warm up on the PCT and playing around in Arizona for a bit, immersing myself in the trail again has come easy. The route has been the most remote experience I’ve had and I have seen some of the most amazing places I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. Wide open landscapes with very little development span the first section as the route eases into the Gila Wilderness. The Gila sparked that energy inside me that reminds me of why I am out here. Grand spires and cliff sides line a wild river that forks it’s way through the New Mexico masa. Natural hot springs seep from the cliff sides and pool into tubs of re-energizing liquid, soothing the sore muscles and lashed legs from the prickly high desert torture. Deeper into the canyons, dirt roads connect back to the trail, where it is easily lost and with out much resistance. I just keep walking making own way through this magically quiet and pristine place. Hikers congregate in town but somehow disappear on trail, taking different routes, exploring hidden places. Only their foot prints give way to their existence. An early season fire has pushed me off trail and bypassing a short section of trail. Pie Town, which is exactly what it sounds like, fills my empty gut as I leave town headed to Grants New Mexico. Getting ever closer to the high mountain ranges of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Time has flown by and the walking has been blissfully challenging. The weather is churning as I take some time to slow down and let the snow in Colorado do what ever it is going to do. So onward North my friends.  


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