High(er) Country 475-580

At 7,000ft in May, snow is falling here in Cuba New Mexico. It has been amazing hike from Grants. Summiting the 10,000ft Mt. Taylor and then dropping down to a mesa which gave way to expansive views ahead, crossing the iconic New Mexican landscape. Desert sunsets bend light around mesas and stranded buttes. Sculptures of soft sandstone, shaped by thousands of years of wind and rain, flowed through the desert as the trail explored its most drastic features. The days have been warmer than most, making water more of a priority than it has been. I’ve been hiking with a few other hikers. Our conversations inevitably land on the snow in the looming days ahead. We know there are not many hikers ahead and more behind have a planned flip up to Wyoming. So it will be up to the few of us to push through. Gear is being ordered and side trips planned to allow more time for the snow to melt. But storms keep dropping more snow on the San Ian Range. There will be tough going ahead but we are not there yet, the coming weeks will test our skills, nerves and stomachs, as well as our budgets.  But we are all smiles and our stubbornness will prevail. 


4 thoughts on “High(er) Country 475-580

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  1. Hi Cruise: Great seeing you out on the CDT. In my opinion the best of the triple crown hikes. After last seeing you on the PCT I slid down Fuller Ridge about a thousand feet and beat myself up pretty good. Home in Michigan licking my wounds. Will wait for another more hospitable year to tackle the PCT again. Have a great hike.
    –Keep Smilin’, Dickebird


    1. Hey! We heard about you. Glad you’re okay. It’s just going to be one of those years. I just got to Colorado and the snow is starting to show its ugly face. It’s softening up though. But here we go.


  2. Great photos, Cruise. Keep them coming. I hope you, Thor and Scrapbook hook up with Ted again. I hope Thor’s scrapes are healing nicely. Good luck to you all! Ted’s Dad.


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