I stepped foot on my first long trail in March of 2015, on the Pacific Crest Trail. After only one day on trail, I knew I was hooked and never wanted to stop long distance hiking.

This has now consumed my life and it is all I look forward to and work towards.  With each trip I gain confidence in myself and my gear.  I hope to inspire more people to get out and take their dreams head on, as well as to protect this wonderful world we get to experience.

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  1. Hey Portland – its the day hikers you met on the trial Sat. And then we saw Jeff (Loved the Solar Umbrella) not 3 minutes later, followed up by Leslie and John (hope he caught you). Hope you enjoyed “the Café”, is how we ended our day – Route 66 my fav there! Just found your blog and will be reading it. Met a total of 10 thru hikers – so admire each of you and best of luck to all of you – you’ll do it!!


  2. Tony, It’s you aunt Joanne from the Bay Area in N CA…. I have been reading your blog. I would love to meet up with you when you are at Sonora Pass Northern Kennedy Meadows. I can bring whatever provisions/gear/food you like. I will keep checking your blog! Great read! Stay strong!


    1. Hey!! I should be in North Kennedy Meadows around June 9th. I hope we can coprdinate something. I can try and contact you again in about 5 days from Tuolumne Meadows.


  3. Hey Nomad, You should be running into 3 TRT hikers anyday now. You probably heard of at least one of them. They go by Wired, Rockin, and Why Not. Sorry, Wired has the best blog out there. If you see them, Tell them “Just Bruce” sends his regaurds… So Awesome seeing Thru’s meet up… And Thank you for posting some Incredible pic’s of the Trail…


  4. Anthony’s, thanks for your beautiful pictures. I just spoke with my through-hiking son Ted Lindman who entered Washington today. He started on April 29th. Are you to Crater Lake. That looks spectacular. Good luck to you.


  5. Not quite to Crater Lake yet. I’m a few days from Ashland but still taking my time and enjoying the trip thus far. It’s a great journey and Oregon should be a wonderful change of scenery and pace.


  6. Nomad, I got your blog from your Dad. A friend of mine and I just got back from a month long SOBO hike from Cascade pass to cascade locks. (live in Vancouver) Got detoured around the Blankenship fire- but worked our way from Stevens pass. south. Think we may have crossed paths near White pass. Anyway – great job on your hike and on the blog


    1. Hey Jim. Thank you for checking my blog out. I think I remember running into you as well. Beautiful part of the state up here. Can’t wait to be back on the trail.


  7. Simply amazing! I got your blog from your dad. You rock – man! Good your are back safe home. Job well done! Anything is possible in this world – once a person puts his/her head in to it.

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  8. Hallo mein Name ist Patrik Becker ich würde gerne wissen welche Lebensmittel Sie für die Wanderung gekauft haben danke für die informationen


    1. Hallo Patrik Becker , ich werde die Verwendung von Google mit mir so kahl übersetzen . Ich kaufte alle meine Nahrung , während ich auf der Strecke und in den Städten war . Ich packte aus einfachen, schnellen Kochen von Mahlzeiten , wie Knorr Pasta Seiten , Instant- Kartoffeln , Instant- Füllung, Ramen und immer durchErdnussButter , Olivenöl und Käse für den hohen Fettgehalt . Weitere wichtige Lebensmittel wie Obst und Nussriegel zum Beispiel ProBar und Art Bars . Für Snacks steckte ich mit salzig und süß, zum Beispiel ein wenig Süßigkeiten oder getrockneten Früchten und salzige Nüsse und Cracker. Ziel ist es, nur Lebensmittel mit 110 Kalorien pro Unze oder etwa 4 Kalorien pro Gramm kaufen, oder ist es trägt nicht wert. Ich hoffe, das Patrik hilft . Danke fürs Folgen.


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