Drying out 77-162

Without the willpower to leave Julian in the rain, I decided to stay in town after Carmen, a trail angel and local business owner, offered to house hikers for the night inside her restaurant.  The rain came and went while a group of aspiring thru-hikers played cards inside, patched blisters and got to know each... Continue Reading →


Round Two!!! 0-77

I am sitting in the Julian Library as I watch the clouds outside brewing their cool dark brew. It's only been four days on the trail so far, but only a few hours of sunshine. After a typical hot start in Campo and a farewell from Scout, the rain has been falling and has been... Continue Reading →

Limbs Heavy with Winters Burden

I was really glad to get out of the house today. Hamilton Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge offered some needed solitude.  It was unusually warm but the snow was fresh and sticking to everything. Thawing on the way down, water ran across the trail and broke the silence.  

Cabin Fever

I've changed my site address from AnthonysPCT.wordpress.com to CruiseHikes.wordpress.com and theme so be sure to update your friends and family. Thank you all for following and checking out my journey.     The trail life is over and I am missing it. I am still thinking heavily about my next thru hike. So far the... Continue Reading →

The beginning of the end – 2390

Getting back on the trail after two weeks seemed easy enough.  The first night back on the trail it was clear that fall was showing its true colors as well as its behavior. After hiking in a misty rain, it began to rain hard lasting all night. Awaking to broken clouds and misty views, the... Continue Reading →

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