2015 PCT (12.5lbs)
Summer 2016 (9.2lbs)
Summer 2017 (7.9lbs)
Summer 2018 (6.6-7lbs)

My gear is always changing and evolving.  Making more and more of my own gear to adapt to my hiking style.

Check out my current gear here.


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  1. In the second photo, number 6 is listed as a Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Parka, but it’s a Marmot jacket. Are you replacing the Marmot with the MH Parka? There certainly is some rave about the Ghost Whisperer, but I gotta admit, I am partial to Montbell down jackets, and have been loving the new Ex Light Anorak! 🙂

    Anyway, looks like a nice set-up. Love that you have a fair amount of DIY gear, I wish I were more DIY active! Anyway, good luck on your hike, and I am looking forward to seeing your posts along the way. Really enjoyed your teaser video too!



    1. Hey Stick, I am a big fan of your channel. I never thought to check for your blog. I did pick up a MH Ghost hooded down parka with the help from a friend who has connections to MH. So far I like it. I’ve checked out MontBell and I agree, very nice and it has great reviews. Warmer than the Ghost I think. Anyway DIY is really fun and rewarding, thank you. Stay Tuned!


  2. Hi! If I got you correctly, you are only using your iPhone 6 for all your PCT photos? They look too good for that. 🙂

    Greetings from Croatia and hope you will make it!
    (We have some amazing hiking possibilities, but would love some day to do this particular hike!)


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